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How GMG employs best practices to ensure traceability and compliance for our manufacturing projects
Posted on April 25, 2022
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Global Manufacturing Group is proud to be a long-term manufacturing partner to some of the world’s best-in-class companies.

With prevalent experience, a thorough understanding of EN: 15085, ISO: 3834, AS: 1554 and an extensive range of in-house welder qualifications, we ensure that GMG continues to comply with quality and client requirements to the utmost standard.

A manufacturer’s data report [MDR (also known as the traceable side of manufacturing)], is the documented process involved in manufacturing an item. GMG uses MDRs to certify that the construction of an item meets certain property requirements, tolerances and is in compliance with specified standards. It is a combination of paperwork customised to suit exactly what is being created and focuses on the direct areas of interest.

A trammel required for a local food processing business that required full traceability to ensure health and safety standards were met before using this manufactured item

All of our projects can be provided with a manufacturer’s data report, including complete traceability.

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