gmg cnc pipe profile cutter2

GMG adds new services with addition of new CNC Pipe Profile cutter

With innovative welding processes, advanced technology and a large range of extensive equipment, Global Manufacturing Group are able to complete sophisticated and spontaneous piping projects with the assistance of their new CNC Pipe Profile cutter.

GMG’s CNC Pipe Profiler allows for the ease of fabricating more complex and intricate shapes, user-friendly operations, faster turnarounds, improved safety and cost savings. Piping projects are complex and challenging processes that require extreme precision and accuracy.

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Bystronic VML Fibre Laser in action

Supporting our defence force with GMG’s newest piece of machinery – A Bystronic VML Fibre Laser

Through the aid of the Australian Government Sovereign Industrial Capability Program, Global Manufacturing Group are reaching world stages in terms of their design and manufacturing capabilities. In early October 2019, GMG purchased a Bystronic VML Fibre Laser that was jointly funded by the Government.

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Why would you choose a turnkey manufacturer?

Turnkey manufacturing = a full service process

One company sees through all aspects. From design – tooling (production) – quality control – packing to shipping, delivering your product finished and ready to use.

Turnkey manufacturing is a definite consideration because of its benefits to the client. From time/cost saving to an easier communication channel. It takes away the risk of relying on different suppliers, danger of uncertain quality and late delivery.

  • Time is Money.
    Planned production times and single communication and coordination.
    One company is easier accounting.
    You can focus on managing your business and marketing your product.
    Only one company to review which results in you knowing more about their capabilities, specialities and their reputation.
    why would you choose a turnkey manufacturer
  • Design, prototype, manufacturing
    A reliable turnkey provider ensures higher quality and most efficient production techniques during all aspects of your product/project.
    If any obstacles occur or any changes need to be made it’s a lot easier for one company to tackle them and make necessary changes.
  • Assembly, packaging and delivery organised for you.
    Even on site set up if needed.
    No Logistical nightmare dealing with numerous suppliers.
  • Turnkey companies work hard to effectively provide total services.
    The goal of the entire team is to successfully complete your product/project. They are held to a higher degree of accountability which results in a less stressful process for everyone involved.

Would you consider a Turnkey Manufacturer for your product/project?